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that was unexpected... [Monday
[ mood | indescribable ]

Family Reunion...

Dad brought his new girlfriend, mom brought her new boytoy, D'An is engaged and I'm 2 months pregnant and FAT. We all got along. My dad's gf is all friendly with my mom and dad is all friendly with mom's new beau. Something is wrong. I am getting along with the airhead and D'An is not messing with me. This is not normal!!! NOt normal I tell you. And my faithful gay is pining to be the godfather/mother of my still nameless little bundle. I can't begin to imagine the damage having Andy for a godfather/mother will bring upon my unborn child.  

And my 'hubby' is still in Manila. God bless his awesomely big heart. He calls every hour. Stop it, Mike... It's starting to get annoying. 

And yes, I'm alive and I quit my job!

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[ mood | bouncy ]

Ah Christmas... I would like to thank everyone who gave me such lovely presents. (too bad those people don't have ljs). 

D'an spent Christmas with mom while dad was probably somewhere with his new bitch. At least they're happy- annulled and all. The divorce proceedings didn't go too well. Things got a bit complicated since they got married in San Fransisco and they're now uhm... like, Philippine residents. But whatever. They're annulled. So there. Good for them.

The good thing about separated parents is that you get more gifts. Mom mailed me, actually, she mailed it to my aunt since she doesn't know my new address, lots of lovely things from Rustans. That Ferragamo bag I've been dying to have and pumps that were a size too big, a lovely pink clutch, some lancome cosmetics, perfume and lots of Clarins products. 

Pops sent me a card (lol) saying how much he misses the family and how sorry he is that things didn't work out and all... blah blah. Also in the letter was a sizable donation to my bank account. Merci, papa. Much appreciated. My idiot brother sent me Philosophy products which I adore. lol.... he did something right for once. 

I didn't get to send my dad anything since all I know is that he's on a business trip in India and the card's return adress was messed up. I'll send him something when he's back in the Philippines. 

So for my mom, I went to Tiffany's and bought her a necklace with an infinity cross pendant (cost me a fortune) and some random scarf found at Greenbelt. For D'an... I really wanted to give him new tires because I know he hasn't taken care of that stupid car of his (ehem... that I want to be mine). New set of tires will run probably Php 12- 15,000... I guess. But since I couldn't do that, nor could I send him a hooker, I bought him a pair of Ray Bans, a pack of Dunill cigs and Hugo Boss. 

That was Christmas.

Okay then... On to work. So the people here love me (or so it seems), my boss loves me and she's really nice. The only thing I don't love is my paycheck. Stupid tax. : ( 

And yes, I am finally driving again! Yezzzzzzzzzz! Renting cars is expensive shit... : (  I can't afford to rent a car on a daily basis. : ( I'll be broke!

And my apartment stinks. Literally. I think a rat died somewhere. And two nights ago, the microwave wentt haywire and I freaked. And my left negihbor makes a lot of noise at night- it's almost as annoying as my brother and his female friends. Grr... Can't people have quiet sex? Don't they think of the neighbors?

I want my (our... cough cough) old condo. =(

first post in a million-kajillion years... [Saturday
[ mood | depressed ]

Life is complicated right now. I miss mang makoy more than anybody else. Of course, i also miss my parents and my friends but mang makoy is just amazing and i don't know why i really want to see him. i think it's because he understands me more than anyone. we dont frequently talk but when we do, it's like he's known me my whole life. and he's full of great advice. he's like the grandpappy i've always wanted but never got the chance to meet. and my father, well, he's been busy. he's in calcutta or wherever in india.

i'm not the type to brood and i don't really mind being ignored by my dad. i don't know him that much to care. and my mom, well, she's in a world of her own. i love them because i have to. mom is great and i don't know how 'normal' mothers are supposed to behave because i've never had the chance to have a 'normal' mom. my family is dysfunctional, i will be the first to admit that. i mean we only see each other on special occassion for crying out loud. even if my familyis an odd little bunch, i still love them.


i dont know how long it's been. i miss andy, jan, kiki... i miss the gang. i'm not happy but i'm not sad either. i guess i'm in between. there are a lot of things to love about my new life but there are things about the past that i also miss.

i miss some things too. i miss my car. i miss the squeaky stair on the way to the veranda of my condo. i miss my first and only jimmy choos that are now in the slimy hands of my vile cousin. i miss my black ribbon with pink lace. i miss my brother's explorer. i miss b7's nasty litte poodle. i even miss the security guard who always opens the door for me. i also miss mang juan, the guy who owns the flower shop that always has divine lilies... i miss so many things and it's so sad that i can never revert to my old way of life.

*sigh again*

i wish i were in cebu right now butthen things will get complicated and i might end up cutting myself. damn it... life was so simple back then.

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